[English] Maulets, el jovent independentista revolucionari

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Maulets was born on the December of 1988 in Lligordà, a village in la Garrotxa, where took place a prefoundational assembly in which was taken the decision to coordinate the pro-independence and revolutionary youth of the Catalan Countries (Països Catalans) in an organization that could mobilize them, and also that the name had a further meaning than just the one by which the organization would be known. Maulets, was an tribute to 1700's farmers of the País Valencià and, on the other hand, meant and means nowadays the commitment of the Catalan youth for the freedom and the social justice of the Països Catalans.

23 years have passed since the creation of Maulets as the political organization for the Catalan pro-independence and revolutionary youth. During this period Maulets has passed through 8 National Assemblies, which we must underline the one in 1999 that took place in Berga. Was in there where Maulets and the JIR (Jovent Independentista i Revolucionari) congregated into one organization called Maulets el jovent independentista i revolucionai. Once created, Maulets have passed through division processes, which are too common in our movement, lots of locals and national campaigns (about drug dependence, against the patriarchal system, for the defense of our landscape, against the speculation, working exploitation or sexual discrimination, for the defense of our language...) that have helped to make our youth mobilize and be aware about these issues making it capable to react against our oppressive society and claim for our right to exist as people and nation. On the other hand we have faced really hard repressive periods like the imprisonment for 6 years of Núria Cadenes, the persecution of Nicolau d'Elx, the police raids and trials against our comrades from Horta, constant trials, persecutions, identifications, lots of comrades arrested... and we must point out the great loss of comrades like Guillem Agulló, killed by the fascist movement on April 11, 1993.

Maulets have always had a clear and complete vision of the Catalan territory. Is a national organization, this fact is not only based for the territorial defense but for the huge quantity of assemblies spread around our nation that have been growing in a constant way since the origins until the more than 40 assemblies that can be found today. To structure a organization that works from Salses to Guardamar and from Fraga to Maó is not easy but Maulets does it everyday. Both Spanish and French states continue persecuting, oppressing, and repressing us, leading our societies into a submitted world with the leadership of huge states, the capitalist system and the liberal economy.

We won't give an inch more of our territory, we won't accept more renounces. Maulets have renewed our commitment with the popular Catalan youth to achieve a future based on freedom and equality: for the national freedom and social justice of the Països Catalans. Maulet's fight continues!

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