[English] Moviment català d'alliberament nacional

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Indeed, although the occupation of our land and the loss of our own institutions, examples of resistance and struggle have been going on uninterrupted and under diverse expressions: from the Carlism (reactonary movement but with a strong nationwide) federal republicanism, the anarcosyndicalism (very rooted in our country), and the anti-Franco resistance.

It is within this resistance to the dictatorship of General Franco that a new proposal of popular release for the whole of our nation is defined. In 1969 the Socialist Party of National Liberation (PSAN ) appeared. Influenced by processes initiated by the Cuban people, the revolution in Algeria, but also by May 68; sets the basic program for the Catalan independence: the vindication of the entire country, its independence as a means to decide how we want to organize as a people, and the construction of socialism as a way of building a fair society without discrimination. While the independence movement has grown around these core claims it has joined fights against patriarchy and for the construction of a society without discrimination based on gender or sexual orientation; territorial defense against aggression produced by economic interests associated mainly with tourism; internationalism and solidarity with other emancipatory processes around the world, solidarity with reprisal comrades ...

It is in this space that Maulets was born in 1988 as an independentist youth organization, whose function is to organize the youth of the Catalan popular classes to strengthen the struggle for independence and social revolution. The result of the union with another youth organization, the Revolutionary Youth Independentists (JIR), was born in 1999, Maulets, the independentist revolutionary youth.

Throughout its twenty years of existence, Maulets has developed the task of self-organizing the youth in many fields: in the cultural sphere, with the mobilization against conscription, against labor reform, against the European Constitution, in defence of the territory, in the struggle for sexual liberation, the antirepressive fight and the defence of reprisal comrades. There is an assembly operation, the promotion of formation, capacity analysis and discussion in order to advance the awareness of the youth of working classes from Països Catalans.

Maulets is part of the Catalan National Liberation Movement (MCAN), consisting of a wide range of organizations and sectoral groups which share the claims of independence and socialism in Països Catalans and are coordinated, each from its scope, in order to progress in achieving these goals.

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