Principles statement

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Maulets is a youth political organization, pro-independence and revolutionary, that fights for a Països Catalans unified, independents, ecological, without a patriarchal system and without classes, where the collective liberties are the bases for the individual liberties.

In other words, we fight for the worldwide construction of socialism in all the aspects, as a way to liberate people. This system is adopted to lead the Catalans into a new social organization where the development of each one will be the basic condition for the development of everyone: communism.

Our job, as an open, participative, and asambleary youth organization, is organize the fight, to make aware the youth popular classes sectors and mobilize them creating alternatives to the actual social system. Actually, Maulets can be understood as a tool for the mobilization, participation and fight for the popular sectors of the Catalan youth to achieve social and national freedom for the Catalan society.

Maulets fight's for the complete national independence, understood has our right on self-determination as a way of preserving the Països Catalans national existence and our social freedom.

Maulets adopts the Països Catalans (from Salses to Guardamar and from Fraga to Maó) as our national territory where the territorial unification is one of our basics issues.

Maulets fight for a classless society, rejecting all systems and types of domination, exploitation and oppression (economical, military, patriarchal and ecological). In other words, we fight for the creation and the broost of social structures and individual practices based in an anti-establishment view to create a new participative, democratic and self-management society. An anti-establishment society that recognizes and defends freedom in all the issues and aspects of live.

Maulets starts from marxism as basic point of our fight understanding it as a complete system in continuous construction. So we grow apart of reformist positions as we consider them as a lack of historic perspective. We analyze different social and economic contexts understanding that the only possible solution is a revolutionary process where the popular classes will demolish capitalism and state's tyranny understanding this revolutionary task as a mobilized process where we must take an active part on, for example in creating breakthrough processes. So we assume that everyone makes his/her own history but previously modified by other conditions completely out of our will. However we defend the plurality and the unity of all the anticapitalist and antifascist youth that fight for the political independence of the Països Catalans and we accept the ideological diversity and interpretations of the revolutionary fights of our people.

We want to promote and re-establish the richness of our popular Catalan culture as a way of life and expression and no like folklore. This is the Catalan language, our popular celebrations, traditions , gastronomy, music... We understand them as a way of defending our people against the actual cultural colonization.

Maulets fights against all domination systems and we declare our self feminist, in other words, we are against the hierarchy and sexist division of society. Maulets works to establish a society without any type of sexual discrimination.

Maulets fights against environmental exploitation, as this is a basic point in the capitalist production system, so we defend a sustainable economic system respecting the environment.

Maulets in coherence with his personal and collective freedom demands assume the defense of all the repressed people involved in any kind of national and freedom fight.

Our fight is the fight of all the oppressed people on the world. We believe in internationalism as a way to spread freedom where there's oppression. Maulets considers that the best way of defending worldwide peoples solidarity is defeating capitalism and imperialism in our state with the revolutionary and nationalist fight for our people.

Maulets defends the historic right of our people internationally recognized by the Universal Declaration of the Universal Declaration of the Collective Rights of People, that accepts using all convenient methods according to each historical and particular reality to achieve our rights.

Maulets, as a youth political organization, takes part in the commonly known Moviment Català d'Alliberament Nacional.

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